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Yes, Winter is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

Suburban home in winter snow.

Cold weather won’t deter a motivated home buyer. In fact, winter is a good time to sell your home. Corporate relocations often take place before the new year and those employees want to find a home now. Buyers want to get their children enrolled in school before the second semester begins. Home buyers may feel they have a better chance of finding a home while their competitors nest at home until the snow melts.

You also have a timeline to sell, move, and settle into a new place, perhaps for a new job, birth of a child, up- or down-sizing, etc. Why not sell when there’s less competition from other homeowners who’re waiting to sell until spring?

There are a few things you’ll need to do to make your home attractive for cold weather shoppers:

Decorate for coziness

Some homes are at their best in the winter. Pull out your most fabulous afghans and quilts. Throw some logs on the fire, or keep the gas or electric fireplace on for showings.

Fill the home with evocative aromas

Cinnamon, cloves, and oranges boiling on the stove will stimulate pleasant memories. Use a pine or lavender-based cleanser on your floors and surfaces.

Make a place for muddy shoes

Buy a box of booties and put them next to a chair for home buyers to put on. Taking their shoes off will make them feel welcome and more comfortable.

Keep the drive, sidewalks, and walkways cleared

Snow drifts are dangerous and could discourage home buyers.


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