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Long-Distance Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you can’t give mom the gift of your presence, you can still plan something memorable this May. Here are unique long-distance Mother’s Day gift ideas that will put a smile on mom’s face.

flower delivery in box outside front door.

A Really Fancy Robe

Chances are your mom has a robe that she puts on every day, so now is the time to upgrade her to a Waffle Robe. What makes the waffle fabric unique is that it’s a little cooler and more versatile than your plushier towel robe, making it perfect for any weather condition. She’ll think of you every time she puts it on and is reminded of those 5-star hotel robes.

Homesick Scented Candle

Appropriately named, this candle-making company promises to help you “gift a memory with nostalgic fragrance.” Homesick soy wax blend candles are specifically inspired by your state of choice. We suggest picking one based on where you live, where your mom lives, or a place where you have made quality memories together. Each scent is intentionally created with notes from a specific state, and the company also offers car fresheners and reed diffusers.

Homemade Cards

Is a card completely original? Not at all, as most of the time, a nice card is part of the Mother’s Day experience — especially if that’s long distance. But a homemade card? That’s truly, truly special, and there are a million options for which direction you could go in. Consider putting together a collage of pictures of the two of you throughout the years, or write her a poem to express how much she means to you.

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Given that you can’t hang out with mom in person, it’s a safe bet that mom has been spending even more time looking at her screen — Zooming and FaceTiming you, no doubt. Make it easier on her eyes by gifting her blue-light blocking glasses. That blue light emitted by electronic devices like computers and smartphones has been found to increase the risk of vision conditions — everything from dry eyes to macular generation.

Enroll Her in a Subscription Box Service

Want a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving month after month? Purchase a subscription box service tailored to your mom’s interests. If your mom is trendy and chic, subscribe her to a style service. If she’s into food and drinks, subscribe her to a monthly wine or meal kit delivery. Whatever mom is into, there’s a subscription service for that. (And as a bonus, she’ll think of you every time that she gets her monthly gift.)


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