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Ideas & Inspiration: Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Extending the life of your existing kitchen cabinets is a lot easier than replacing them. Painting kitchen cabinets gives your kitchen bold new character and a smooth, furniture-like finish.

Enriching Cabinets with Color

When considering new color for your cabinets, look to materials like the countertop, backsplash, fixtures, and flooring. Let these color cues inspire new color for your cabinets.

Consider bringing some drama to your cabinetry with a deep color. A more saturated color on your cabinets can maximize shine and create an elegant look. You can select just a portion of your cabinetry to highlight with a deeper color, while balancing the combination with more classic kitchen hues like off-white or putty.

Be sure to consider sheen when selecting color for each surface you are painting in your kitchen. You can create a subtle–yet striking–effect with color by choosing one hue, but using that color in different sheen levels on each surface.

A Simple Kitchen Makeover

White-painted kitchen cabinets make any kitchen feel more spacious and bright—highly valued traits in kitchens of all sizes.

The all-white makeover lends an airy, contemporary look to any kitchen. Even with existing countertops and cabinet hardware remaining the same, the results can be striking.

Critical Components

Always look for the following features in a specialty cabinet paint:

  • Exceptional application and feel

  • Outstanding coverage and hide

  • A hard, furniture-quality finish

  • Low-VOC, even after tinting

  • Availability in thousands of colors

The best kitchen cabinet paints are suitable for oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, and fabricated woods, Formica laminate and other high-pressure surface materials.

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