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How to Price Items for a Garage Sale

Maybe you’ve sold a few things on a social media marketplace or made some donations to a local nonprofit organization, but now you’re looking to get rid of several household items at once (and make a little fun money while doing it!). Get out your folding tables and pricing labels, here are some quick rules about how to price items for a garage sale.

Close up of colorful round stickers with dollar amounts.

Price Your Things To Sell

People come to garage sales because they want to get a deal. If you have something of real value and want to be paid what it’s worth, consider selling it through another outlet like eBay or Poshmark.

Don’t Devalue Your Big-Ticket Items Too Much

How do you make the most money at a garage sale? One of the best ways is by prioritizing the sale of your high-quality items, like collectibles, electronics, or furniture. To see what your things are worth, do some research online (again, eBay might be a good place to start) and note the prices of the items in new condition. Then, ask yourself what the condition is of your items (new, like new, used, etc.). Drop the price accordingly for items that have minimal to noticeable wear and tear.

Follow the 10% - 20% Rule

Some people suggest pricing your items at only 10%–20% of their retail value. It may seem low, but it’ll move your inventory quickly. If your item still has the tag on it, you may be able to get away with pricing it for up to 40% of the retail price.

Be Prepared To Haggle

Negotiations are a part of the garage sale process. It’s half the fun! Know you’ll likely be asked to lower the price, so consider that when presenting your opening number. How low are you willing to go?

Label Prices Individually

It’s tempting to dump things in an “Everything’s $1” bin, but people may pick up items from different areas and not remember the original location, leaving you to do the guesswork. Doing a little work beforehand to label every item.


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