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Apartment Safety Tips for Summer Vacations

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According to the most recent statistics released by the FBI, there were an estimated 8,277,829 property crimes, with financial losses calculated at approximately $14.3 billion.

To better avoid becoming part of these statistics over summer vacation, take simple steps to protect your belongings, your privacy, and even your pet from harm while you’re away.

The following tips can serve as a basic checklist to help keep your apartment safe during the summer months. Print them out, grab a pen, and check them off before you head out the door!

Following these twelve precautions can help maintain the safety of your apartment, your possessions and even your pets while you’re away. While there’s no fool-proof plan, these tips can help you enjoy peace-of-mind while on vacation. There’s nothing worse than landing at your destination and second guessing whether you locked the front door or left a window open!

Apartment Safety Precautions

#1: Lock doors and windows.

#2: Set an appropriate temperature.

#3: Hire someone to watch your apartment.

#4: Unplug electronics.

#5: Keep valuables out of sight.

#6: Don’t announce details on social media.

#7: Move your spare key.

#8: Remember to safety-proof your car.

#9: Don’t forget to safety-proof your garage.

#10: Take out the trash and recyclables.

#11: Notify your apartment manager.

#12: Enter with caution if things look “fishy.”


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