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Add Pizazz to Your Bland Kitchen

What can you do to make your kitchen more exciting? Neutral kitchens are supposed to complement any décor, but they can become bland over time.

Monochromatic Kitchen

Make it artsy

Art galleries have neutral walls because they don’t compete with the art, so hang a colorful abstract painting in a key location. Have fun with artistic-themed dishtowels, placemats, and dishes, instead of classic motifs like roosters and other farm animals or Italian chefs with curling mustaches. Try a washable rug or runner with a colorful modern pattern.

Fold in some color

Neutral décor is decorating for the next occupant of your home, so put yourself first in items you can take with you when you move. Find your favorite color in cookware, serving pieces, utensils and small appliances to add cheerful interest to a neutral decor.

Add texture

If color isn’t your thing, interesting shapes and textures add vitality to neutral walls, backsplashes, curtains and blinds and kitchen seating. Natural wood accents like artisan-made bowls can also warm up a neutral kitchen.


Neutral doesn’t have to mean white or beige. For a soft contrast, introduce watery colors like sea glass. For more drama and sophistication, go for high contrast with deep blue, black or grey. Paint the island a different color from the rest of the kitchen, or paint lower cabinets a different color from the top cabinets.

You can still have a neutral kitchen, but pops of color, texture and artistic touches may provide changes you’ll really love.

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