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Accent Wall Inspiration

Upgrade a plain, boxy room with energetic, bold color. Refresh your favorite nook with soft, subtle hues. Read on for inspiration and how-to guidance for a DIY accent wall you’ll love!

Bedroom with pink accent wall.

If you know how to paint a wall, you know how to paint an accent wall. How to choose an accent wall often presents the bigger challenge!

An accent wall often showcases a room’s focal point, like a built-in bookcase, fireplace, or art. Other considerations for which wall to choose include…

Adding dimension to a room that has minimal architectural detail. Breaking up open floor plans, bright rooms, and rooms with high ceilings. Creating a specific mood, since color impacts how a space makes you feel.

Accent colors are meant to pop, and create visual interest in a space: When choosing an accent wall, select a wall with purpose–your eye will be drawn to it immediately. For rooms with darker color walls, consider going lighter for an accent wall. If the walls are light and airy, consider a deeper, bolder color.

In need of some accent wall inspiration? Look to the other colors featured in the space, picking up a similar color from a piece of artwork or textile can help tie the room together.


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