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Five Home Décor Trends for 2022

The way Americans use their homes has changed since the advent of the pandemic and has encouraged interior design trends for 2022. These ideas are so smart, they’re likely to stick around even after the pandemic is over.

Living room with curved couch.

Smart furniture

According to, the smart furniture industry is on track to reach $244 million by 2024. Televisions can double as artwork when turned off, couches, beds, and chairs offer charging ports, but most exciting are coffee tables that come with refrigerator drawers so you never have to leave the game to grab a cold one.

Muted but colorful décor

Color palettes for 2022, such as those suggested by Benjamin Moore, are calling for blue, green and yellow colors on the paler side, far from the dark and moody jewel, spice and deep ocean shades of recent years.

Vintage accents

Whenever life seems chaotic, homeowners become nostalgic for simpler times. explains that vintage furniture and accessories feature craftsmanship, materials and a flair for individuality that can’t be duplicated today. Large floral patterns are great to pair with stripes or abstract fabrics.

Multifunctional room design

Working from home makes, homeowners want more space, but says that space should be more flexible. The room where you put your desk may also have an integrated workout area.

Curved furniture

Room design, furniture and accessories will feature elements that feel like a soft comforting cuddle, says Rounded edges are a welcome change from the geometric look of modern furniture.


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